Friday, 6 March 2009

another post... i might get used to this!

an experimental self portrait. i'm not good at either experimenting, or self portraits, as you can see...
done with a reference pic.

random wtf-speed-painting-y thing.

a silly comic about rpgs... :) players tend to resort to low tactics to extract information...

just a doodle of a potential scenario i had in mind for my Swamp Lady character...

sketches. some of them appear on devart, some don't. reference info is on devart tho...go check it out, there's stuff there i dun have here. O.O

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Alon said...

I started liking this post midway :)
Reminds me of hours of trying to push the system to it's limits. until I know in advance what 90% NPCs would say :(
I wish I could do that :)
damn you final fantsy